Catalogue – Publishers

Catalogue – Publishers

The Works, Composers & Publishers areas are only visible the in Publisher platform. The Record Label & Distributor version of the application does not contain these areas in the toolbar.

In the Publishers page you will store the properties of your publishing entities, along with the properties of publishing entities that control a complementary share in one of your Works.


Name – The name of the Publisher. Should be unique.
CAE – The CAE number of this Publisher.
Controlled – When a ‘Controlled’ Publisher is added to a Work’s IP Chain the Publisher share will be marked as controlled, but it is possible to change the share to ‘Uncontrolled’ if necessary.


Main PRO – This should be the main PRO/collection society the Publisher is a member of. The identifier should be the CAE/IPI number of the Publisher with this society.
Mechanical PRO – The main mechanical collection society of this publisher.
Performance PRO –  The main performance collection society of this publisher.
Sync PRO –  The main sync collection society of this publisher.

Linked Contracts

By linking contracts to your Publishers, whenever you select the Publisher on your Work’s IP Chain, this Contract will be automatically added to the Work. Curve will also complete the Participation Rate, based on this Publisher’s Owned Performance share and the total Owned Performance share of all controlled Publishers combined.


If this Publisher is a member of more than one Performance or Mechanical PRO, you can add these societies here. CWR will pick up the society specified in the Societies area above unless the CWR is directly aimed at a society that is captured in this area.

Sub-Publisher Agreements

Complete this area for any Publisher that you administrate or sub-publish. In the example below the Publisher is sub-published by Curve Publishing Group in the United Kingdom & Ireland. An agreement is set up for every specific territory/collection society. The Agreement No will be provided by your collection society.