Catalogue – Composers

Catalogue – Composers

The Works, Composers & Publishers areas are only visible in the Publisher platform. The Record Label & Distributor version of the application does not contain these areas in the toolbar.

In this Composers page you will store the properties of your controlled songwriters, together with the properties of songwriters you don’t control but have a share on one of your controlled Works.


Name – The full name of your composer. This name needs to be unique.
First Name / Middle Name / Surname – These fields will be used in CWR delivery, rather than the general Name field.
CAE Number – Or IPI number. The unique identifier if your composer with its collection society.
Controlled – ‘Controlled’ means you publish this writer. When you create a new Work for a Controlled Composer they will be automatically marked as controlled. However, it is possible to manually mark this share as ‘Uncontrolled’ on the IP Chain.


Main PRO – This should be the main PRO/collection society your composer is a member of. The identifier should be the CAE/IPI number of your composer with this society. If your composer is not a member of a society you can leave this, & the following fields, blank.
Mechanical PRO – The mechanical collection society your composer is a member of.
Performance PRO –  The performance collection society your composer is a member of.
Sync PRO –  The sync collection society your composer is a member of.


If your composer is a member of more than one Performance or Mechanical PRO, you can add these societies here. CWR will pick up the society specified in the Societies area above unless the CWR is directly aimed at a society that is specified in this Identifiers area.

Publisher Agreements

Collection Societies require an agreement number between the publisher & the songwriter. Enter the specific agreement numbers between you & your composer. A publisher agreement should be set for each collection society you have a direct relationship with, for every composer you control.

Publisher – Select a Publisher with whom the Composer has an agreement. You manage the list of available Publishers by creating them in the Publishers area.
Agreement Type – An Original General agreement covers all works in a catalogue, an Original Specific agreement covers just specific pieces of music.
Territory – Select the territory this agreement number covers.
Society – A publisher agreement will be different with each society. Specify the society here.
Agreement Number – The specific number of your agreement. This is provided by your collection society.

Linked Contracts

By linking contracts to your composers, whenever you select the composer on a Work’s IP Chain, this Contract will be automatically added to the Work. Curve will also complete the Participation Rate, based on this Composer’s Owned Performance share & the total Owned Performance share of all controlled Composers combined.