Contracts – Aliases

Contracts – Aliases

The standard methodology for Curve is to map sales lines to a catalogue item (Track, Release or Work) which in turn is linked to a Contract to flow revenues through & create royalty statements. However, it is possible to link a sales line directly to a Contract. To do so, your Templates must pick up a Contract Identifier from your sales statements.

If the Contract Identifier value in the sales data matches exactly the name of your Contract, the line will be automatically allocated to the contract; if the value doesn’t match, a Contract Alias will need to be created. You can create it either on the Alias tab of a Contract or use the Mapping Manager when an unknown Contract Alias is flagged when uploading a statement.

When a Contract is linked directly to a sales line this Contract will automatically pick up the revenue with a participation rate of 100. A sales line mapped directly to a Contract does not prevent it from being mapped to a catalogue item. If the directly linked Contract is also attached to this catalogue item, it will not account to this Contract twice but merely overwrite the participation rate to 100. If other Contracts were attached to this catalogue, they will still receive their royalty share with their given participation rate as usual.

When the sales line is linked not just directly to a Contract but also to a Track or Release, any Contracts linked to this Track/Release will still receive their royalty share as usual. It is just the direct Contract whose Participation Rate will automatically be defaulted to 100.