Contracts – Catalogue Groups

Contracts – Catalogue Groups

Catalogue Groups can be used to group catalogue items (Tracks, Releases and/or Works) together & apply specific royalty rate to revenue associated within this group.

First; a Catalogue Group is created on your Settings page.

Second; Tracks, Releases or Works can be added to one or more of your groups via an items’ Overview page in the Catalogue area.

Third; as needed, set a rate for the group in the Terms tab of any contracts linked to items in the group. It may not be necessary for all contracts attached to releases in a group to have a specific rate for that group.


In the Settings area, we provide default groups “Frontline” and “Catalogue”. But you can create whatever groups you need. This, coupled with it not being necessary for all contracts linked to a release in a group to have a rate specified for that group, provides a flexibility that can be used in many ways.

When you add a Release to a Catalogue Group, it does NOT add any Tracks that you might have associated with this Release in the Catalogue area. This needs to be done at Track level in the Catalogue area.