Creating Costs

Creating Costs

This is where you can add expenses that are to be recouped from your artists royalties. Costs are created either within the application or via an Excel import. You can match costs against the catalogue, or directly against a contract.

Costs are rarely ever recouped by publishers, as such this feature is only available for Record Labels and Distributors.

Editing a Cost

After hitting the Create button at the top right of your screen, you will be taken to the following page. For your own and the artists their reference you can describe your expenses using the Name and Description fields.  Amount tells Curve the value of the Cost, & should be positive. You can categorise your Costs by using the type field, which can be configured within the Settings section.

On the right of the page are Mappings. Using this you can match the Cost against your catalogue or a Contract. Please note, if you add more than one Contract, Track or Release; it will charge the total amount to each of those individually, rather than pro rate it.

As a reference, you can also choose to add a file, such as an invoice for example.

To follow our demo, upload the Curve Demo Costs.xlsx file using the Import button on the top right of your Costs page.

Now you’ve got everything set up, let’s bring everything together and run your first Period.