Creating Payees

Creating Payees

Payees are simply who you pay your royalties to – whether this is an artist, composer or any other 3rd party. You access Payees via the sidebar, under the Contracts sub-menu, and then hit Payees.

Within the Payees Index page, you can search through your Payees, along with Importing and Exporting via Excel, and Deleting and Creating new Payees.

To create your first Payee, let’s click Create in the top right of the page.


Editing a Payee

After clicking on the Create button, you will be taken to the Edit Payee page. Here you can edit & manage everything to do with your Payee. The Overview area allows you to name & manage address details for your Payee. Here you can also store your Payee’s bank details, along with any Tax Info (more details in the full Payee help page) and any Notes on your Payee. The only mandatory field is Name – the payee needs a name. The other fields can be used for your own reference.

Whilst Tax Info is not necessary to create a payee, be aware in some territories it may be legally required for this to be complete in the case of self-billing, tax registered payees.


You can fill in your first Payee’s data here, and hit Save in the top right corner.

To follow along with the demo, import the “Curve Demo Payees” file onto the system using the Import button on the top right of your screen. Once you receive an email confirming the Payee import is complete, refresh your page and the Payees will appear. In our example, this should not take more than a few seconds.

Next up, let’s look at our Contracts.