Deliveries – Publishers

Deliveries – Publishers

We will explain how to send your publishing catalogue in CWR format to collection societies and sub-publishers. CWR, Common Works Registration, is a standard format developed by CISAC. It is used to share metadata of music works and is accepted by most collection societies around the world. To send a CWR file, head to the Deliveries index on the tool bar and start a new delivery by clicking the Create button at the top right of your screen. You then need to enter the following:


  • Name – give the delivery a name for your reference
  • Receiving Party – this is the collection society you are sending your catalogue to. If you are sending to a sub-publisher, you can leave this field blank
  • Territory – selecting a territory will filter out the relevant IP Chains of your work
  • Delivery Partner  – choosing a delivery partner allows you to automate the delivery of the CWR file via an FTP. For a detailed explanation on how to setup a Delivery Partner refer to our Documentation. You can leave this field blank if you are not using a delivery partner (ie delivering direct).


Next, you can filter which Works to include in the delivery. There are a number of factors which you can filter your Works on; such as when the Works were created, whether you publish them in a particular territory or whether you have already delivered them to a particular collection society before. Once clicking the Save button of your Delivery, Curve will automatically add all the works that meet your filters. You can flick through the list of Works, and choose to include or exclude specific Works or Catalogue Groups.


Once you are satisfied with the created Delivery, you can either export the CWR file, or deliver directly. Hitting the Export button on the top right of your screen will export your CWR file for you to share with your partners. Alternatively, if you have selected a Delivery Partner in the overview, a Deliver button will be present for you to send the CWR file via FTP.


If your partner provides an  acknowledgement file you can upload this via the button at the top right. This will update the status of your works, and allows you to check if the registration of your Works was successful. The status will either say “Accepted”, or “Rejected” with an update on why the delivery of this particular Work has failed. When accepted and provided in the acknowledgement file, Curve will automatically populate your Works with work aliases.
Now that our Works are on Curve, we can try export our catalogue in a CWR format. Simply include some specific Works in the filters, or use any other filter that would pick up the Works we just created, and hit the Save button. Check if all the Works you wished to include now appear at the bottom, and hit the Export button. This will send you your CWR file via email.