Import Your Catalogue From Counterpoint

Import Your Catalogue From Counterpoint

To facilitate onboarding onto Curve from the Counterpoint system, we have created an Importer tool that automatically populates your Curve client based on just a few Counterpoint exports. To get started, please go to the Imports page underneath the Settings index & hit the +Create button at the top right of your screen.


Name the Import for your own reference & select the “Counterpoint Recordings” or “Counterpoint Publishing” option, dependent whether you are importing master or publishing catalogue.



At this step, you will be asked to attach 6 different files which you need to export from your Counterpoint system.

For Record Labels

Five reports are taken from Maestro Data Gateway & one from Label Copy Module.

Maestro Data Gateway:

Contract Royaltor Database – Counterpoint > Maestro Data Gateway > Export > Views > Royaltors; then click ‘Search’, ‘Quick export’, ‘xlsx’.
Royaltor Rates – Counterpoint > Maestro Data Gateway > Export > Views > Royaltor Rates
Royaltor Products – Counterpoint > Maestro Data Gateway > Export > Views > Royaltor Products
Sound Recordings – Counterpoint > Maestro Data Gateway > Export > Views > Sound Recordings
Products AKAs – Counterpoint > Maestro Data Gateway > Export > Views > Product AKAs

Label Copy Module:

Product Manager – Open up Label Copy Manager & go to Product Manager (the black disc). Ensure “Show downloadable Sound Recordings” is ticked & the search field is blank, then press Search. Once all the data is returned arrange the columns in the following order: “Code; Site; Title; Artist; Price Category; Actual Release Date”. To do this, right-click on one of the column headers, select ‘Customise’  & then ‘Column Chooser’. Drag & drop those you need & make to include only the columns listed above. Finally, right-click & select ‘Publish To Excel’ & when the excel opens save it as an .xlsx.

For Publishers

Catalogue Shipment – Reports> export custom reports > Catalogue shipment excel export.
Rates Export – Reports> client > rates
Composers Export – Composer manager > right-click publish to excel; Then organise the columns into the correct sequence.
Publishers Export – Publisher manager > right-click publish to excel
Balances – These are exported from Data Gateway > Export > Client Balances > Search > Right click on the information that has appeared, then click Quick Export and choose the excel file.
Territory Manager – Maintenance > look up tables > Territory Manager

As a guideline, examples of the 6 export files for both the Master & Publishing export from Counterpoint can be downloaded here.


On this tab you will map certain unique Counterpoint values (displayed on the right side of your screen) to your Curve configurations (selectable from the menus on the left). Record labels will be asked to map Territory Groups, Distribution Channels, Configurations & Price Categories. Publishers will be asked to map Territory Groups, Capacities, Societies & Rates. If the appropriate Curve value is not available you may create additional options via the Settings page.



Not all the data required for your onboarding setup can be obtained from Counterpoint exports. On the Defaults tab you will need to provide Cost Terms & Reserve Terms. These terms will be set as a default for all your Contracts. If there are any exemptions in your contracts to these Defaults, these can be changed in Curve after the Import is complete.

Cost Terms – Here you specify at which rate specific cost types should be recouped.

Reserve Terms – If any reserves are held against your Contracts, you will need to specify how these should be released. Each Reserve Term specifies what percentage of the reserves held should be released in the periods following the period in which they were held. In the example below, half the reserves will be released in the first period following being held & the remaining half will be released in the second following period. The total of these combined terms should equal 100%, which means the same amount of reserves taken is also released.


Once you hit the Ingest button on the final tab your import will start processing & your Payees, Contracts, Tracks, Releases or Works will begin populating.