Contracts – Payees

Contracts – Payees

A payee is a third party (artist, person or company) that you intend to report royalties to. Multiple Contracts can be linked to a Payee. Similarly, multiple Users can have access to the same Payee, in case a manager or multiple band members would like access to the same Payee account.

The following fields are available for completion:

Name – can be either a birth, stage, group or company name. This name will show on Self Bill invoices; so if you are creating Self Bill invoices via Curve make sure this is the legal name of the person or business.
Alternate Name – store an alternate name. If you have used an artists birth name in the previous field you might enter their stage name here. Or vice versa.
Foreign ID – you can assign the Payee a custom code that may relate to other databases you use.
Categories – You can tag your Payee with a category. These categories can be created in your Settings.
Contact Email – note this is not the email which statements will be sent to. To find out how to automatically send your statements by email from Curve, you’ll need to create a User for this Payee. For more info please visit our Users chapter.
Address & Country – will be published on the statements and self-billing invoices.

Whilst only a Name is mandatory to create a Payee & the other fields are optional for your reference, the Tax Info fields will be necessary to complete when you self bill this payee and they are tax registered.

VAT/GST/Sales Tax No. – The Payees Tax ID. This number is published on the self-bill invoices created as part of the statement output.
Tax Wording –  Wording to specify the tax. This usually differs from country to country and will be dependent on where your client is based (eg VAT in the UK, GST in India, …).
Self Billing Tax Rate – The tax rate to be applied to the Balance and Self Invoice for this Payee. This should only be filled in when the Payee is tax registered. This rate will only be applied to the Balance when also the Self Billing Invoice feature is enabled in the Contract.
Fees Invoice Tax Rate – This tax rate will be applied on top of your commission as a label or distributor. This rate will only be applied when also the Generate Fees Invoice option is enabled in the Contract. The tax will display on the Fee Invoice and the Contract’s balance.
Withholding Tax – If you want to take a withholding tax deduction on your artist’s balance, specify the WHT percentage here. If you are looking to deduct WHT just for specific sales types or territories, you can do so via the WHT terms in the Contract.

You also have the option to store bank details for your Payees for your own reference.

The User tab shows any Users that have been created and linked to this Payee. The actual creation of new Users is done on the Users page. Please visit our documentation on Granting 3rd Party Access for more information.