Publishing – How to Create Payees

Publishing – How to Create Payees

Payees are who you pay your royalties to – whether this is a composer, publisher or any other 3rd party. Please watch our video introduction to Payees. We have provided more in-depth notes below the video.


Each person or organisation that you wish to send statements to will need their own Payee. The use of a Payee is that (1) you can link multiple Contracts so that all the statements from these different Contracts are collected in the same portal, and (2) you can link multiple Users to this Payee so that multiple people such as managers, employees or additional band members can all have access to the same portal with their own Curve account.

When creating a Payee, you essentially create a Curve portal. You can create Payees either via the interface on Curve, or in bulk via the Payees Excel template.

At this stage, we are just creating this portal. Giving artists access to their personal artist portal is covered in step 8 of the onboarding process.

Add Payees via the Interface

You can access Payees via the sidebar, under the Contracts sub-menu. Within the Payees Index page, you can search through your Payees, Import or Export Payee data via Excel, and Delete and Create new Payees.

1. Create your Payee & give them a nameEach payment beneficiary will need their own Payee. If you represent a band and you account to them separately, each band member will need their own Payee. If your band prefers to be paid as one organisation, you will need just one Payee.

2. If you need to add or withhold tax on the Payee’s royalties, specify the Tax Info – This is only required if you wish to add or withhold tax from the royalties on your Payee’s behalf. For more information on how this tax info affects your royalty accounting process, please visit the Payees chapter in our documentation.

3. Provide additional information for your own reference (optional)Any other information such as the address, contact email, bank details; are all optional for you to complete. They do not affect the royalty accounting process but may be useful for you to keep on hand on the Curve platform.

Once your Payee is complete, hit Save in the top right corner. For more information on the meaning of every single field on your Payee page, please visit the Payees chapter in our documentation.

Add Payees via the Excel templates

As we discussed in our explanation of the onboarding process, metadata can be imported in bulk using the Excel templates. You can create Payees in bulk using our Payees Excel template. Each row in this template represents one Payee, and each column represents a field in the interface. Once you have completed your Payees template, you can import your data onto Curve using the Import button on the Payees page. Once you receive a notification confirming the Payee import is complete, refresh your page and the Payees will appear.

We have provided pre-populated Excel templates which you may import to Curve as a proof of concept, or may use as a reference to complete your own data. The example template can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. In this step, you may import the 1. Curve Demo Payees.xlsx file.

For more information on Payees, please visit the Payees chapter in our documentation. Once your Payees are complete, please follow us to the next step of the onboarding process: creating your Contracts.