Reviewing a Period & Sending Statements

Reviewing a Period & Sending Statements

Once the period calculations are complete your Period will be listed on the Period Index page, resplendent with a green Complete status. Click on the period name in the index & you will be taken to the Overview tab of the period where headline statistics of the period are prominently displayed for your validation.


At the top of your screen you will find six boxes:

Gross Revenue – This is the total Net Amount collected during the royalty period. Only sales lines that have been successfully reported are part of this number.
Net Payout – This is the cost of revenue to be paid to your artists. The difference in value between this & the Gross Revenue being your margin.
Gross Costs – The total amount of costs included in this period before calculating the artists’ share.
Recharged Costs – The value of costs that you have recouped from your artists’ balances.
Input Units – The total number of streams, downloads, physical sales &/or performances reported for this royalty period.
Input Sales Lines – The total number of sales lines included in this royalty period.

Down the page are visualisations of your Gross Revenue to help you understand at a glance how your revenues are broken down by Channel, Configuration, Territory, Source & Sub Source.

At the top right of your screen, you will find four buttons.

The Edit button allows you to change the Setup settings, such as the name of the Period. The Lock button will lock the period so further changes are not possible. Know that you can unlock the Period again at any time if necessary. The Reprocess button will rerun the entire period, taking into consideration any changes to the Period setup, sales lines, contract terms or participation rates you may have made. Lastly you can Download the following files:

  • All Statements – This is a zip that includes all PDF and CSV statements of all of the Contracts that were included in this period.
  • All Sales – This is one CSV file that contains all royalty lines of the individual statements. Note that each sale will be represented as line for each Contract it is relevant to. So a sale that has a royalty due for two different Contracts will appear twice in this CSV – once for each contract. Therefore the total Units & Net Amount of this file will likely include duplicate values & thus be much higher than the actual totals of these values.
  • All Costs – This CSV includes all costs for the individual statements. As per above, if a cost is split between two contracts, it will appear twice in this file. As there is no Cost feature for Publisher clients, this statement is not available for Publishers.
  • Unreported Sales – This file provides all sales lines included in the Period but not accounted to a Contract.
  • Unreported Costs – As above, this is all costs included in the Period but not accounted to a Contract. Again, as there is no Cost feature for Publisher clients, this statement is not available for Publishers.

There are four possible scenarios why a sales or cost line ends up Unreported.

  1. The track/release/work has no participating Contract attached.
  2. The participating Contract does not have a sales term or cost term that encompasses this sales line or cost. For example, if a Contract only has terms that specify a royalty rate for physical sales lines, the digital sales lines would be ignored and end up in the unreported sales file.
  3. The participating Contract is not active.
  4. The calculation input field is blank. Eg a royalty should be calculated on the PPD but no PPD value was selected for the Release, or no value was stored in the Gross Amount, Per Unit Rate or Retail Price field for Gross Receipts, Unit Price or Retail Price terms respectively.

After you located and tackled the issues, you can reprocess your Period or applicable Statements individually for these Unreported sales lines to feed through. As the Unreported Sales file updates, your goal should be to bring the number of lines in this report down to zero.

Reprocessing individual statements rather than the whole period can save time. But if you have made any changes to contracts and the association of catalogue to contracts, you will need to ensure you run all affected statements, otherwise you risk double accounting. Also, the period Unreported CSVs and All Sales CSVs will be recreated, but the All Statements Zip will not include this recreated statement.
Sales lines that were not mapped when uploading, ie Invalid lines, will not be included in the Unreported files. These lines can be accessed via the Incomplete (for labels) or Unmapped (for publishers) area.


On this tab, you can double-check all the sales files that were included in the period. When a sales file displays a green tick it means it’s fully reported & every sales line is mapped to at least one contract. A yellow tick means not all sales lines have mapped to a contract & therefore have not been reported, in which case these lines will be included the Unreported Sales file.

You can export a summary of this tab by hitting the Export button. This file will include some key values for each sales file such as the Gross Amount, Net Amount & Units.

Here you can also Archive all the included sales files. Archiving a sales file once it is fully reported is useful to reduce the number of sales files available to you when setting up a period. On your Sales page, archived sales files can still be viewed by changing the filter at the top of the screen from Unarchived to Archived.


Similar to Included Sales, here you can double-check all the costs included in the period. You also have the option to export this page, which will give you a file with key values for every cost such as the Amount, Category & linked Contracts. As with your sales files you can also archive your costs.


This tab displays all the sales lines included in the statements. This is the data included in the All Sales CSV available from the Download menu detailed above.


All of the individual statements that are part of this royalty Period are listed & can be accessed here. You can download a summary of all your statements by hitting the Export button. This file provides you with a breakdown of key figures such as the Net Income & Closing Balance for each contract.

The Publish button posts any check-marked statements into your artists’ & composers’ Curve portal. The Send button triggers an email to the address you entered to grant 3rd party access notifying that statements are now available.

For more information on how to grant your payees access to Curve see Users & Granting 3rd Party Access.