Running a Period

Running a Period

Running a Period

Now that you have set up your payees & contracts, entered your catalogue, uploaded sales files & costs, it’s time to run a period & produce some statements!

Click on Statements in side bar navigation panel, select Period from the sub menu & once the page has loaded hit the Create Button in the top right of the page.

You will be taken to a setup page with three tabs. The first, Setup, to enter top line info about the period; the second, Included Sales, where you select which sales reports to include; the third, Included Costs, for you to select which costs to include.


Here you name your period, stipulate the year, start & end date that the period covers & enter the accounting date you want to appear on your statements. There is also a drop-down menu to select which Accounting Period the run is to capture. What you select here denotes which of your contracts will be included in the period based on what you set in the individual contracts. So, if you select H2, all contracts set at Half Yearly will have statements generated & any contracts set at Yearly or Monthly will not.

Record labels will also have to specify whether it is a Standard or Mechanical period. If you are accounting to your artists, this will be a Standard contract type. When accounting mechanicals to the publishers of your sound recordings, you would select it to be a Mechanical contract type. For a detailed explanation on how to deal with your mechanicals on Curve, we refer to our documentation.

Once you have competed all these Set Up fields, hit Next & you will be taken to the Included Sales tab.

Including Sales

Here you are presented with the sales files that you can include in this run. When you first land on the page, the Included Sales section will be empty & all your uploaded sales file will automatically be listed in the Excluded Sales section. The goal is to move over all sales files you wish to include in this period to the Included Sales section.

There are three methods to select sales files for inclusion:

  • The purple Include All button at the top right of the list, this will with the click of a button add all unarchived sales files
  • Individually using the check box to the right of the file details, & then hit the green Include Selected button at the head of this list
  • Using the filters to return specific files based on your chosen criteria, then hitting the white Include Filtered button

Once you are happy all your required sales statements are displaying in the Included Sales for this period, hit the Next button at the foot of the page.

Including Costs

Similarly to the sales process we’ve just worked through, you can also do this with costs. Again with the included at the top, and excluded at the bottom. Filter and include everything you want, and when you’re happy, hit ‘Calculate’.


Your period will now go off calculate. Clicking back into it will show you its progress, but it is not necessary to keep your browser open for this calculation to complete. For our example, this shouldn’t take any more than a minute to process.