Sales – Incomplete

Sales – Incomplete

The Incomplete page is a portal to every sales line in your Curve account. You can use the filters to return specific sales lines. With these filters your spelling of the variables to search must be impeccable. One specific filter is the Status filter, where you can filter on sales lines that are either Complete or Incomplete. Once you have configured your filters, hitting the Filter button will return your search results in the Curve interface which allows you do edit or delete sales lines in bulk. Alternatively, you can hit the Export button which will send you a report with all sales lines that match your filter configurations straight into your inbox.

As a default, the Status filter will be set on “Incomplete”. The page will display all incomplete sales lines across all the uploaded sales files. Using the Edit buttons, you can now complete these lines in bulk. You can use the filters to narrow the search results if needed.

Manually Adjust Sales Lines

Edit Selected – Edit the check-marked sales lines.
Edit Filtered – Edit all the filtered sales lines.
Delete Selected – Deletes all the check-marked lines.

Removing the Status filter, or changing it from “Incomplete” to “Complete”, allows you to search on all sales lines in your database. It’s an efficient tool to edit sales lines across all uploaded sales files in bulk. Did a load of Streaming sales map to your Channel “Physical”? Or did all iTunes Match sales lines always map to your Configuration “Download” and would you rather update this to a new Configuration “Cloud”? Or did a number of sales lines map to the Source “Soundcloud” but you wish to update them to your preferred spelling “SoundCloud”? You should make sure you update your sales Templates for these errors not to happen again. But for historic sales lines, the Incomplete page allows you to update these without the need to re-ingest each of your sales lines affected.

When adjusting valid sales lines via the Incomplete page, these changes will automatically apply to your sales lines. When adjusting invalid sales lines via the Incomplete page, the respective sales files will still need to be Revalidated in order for these changes to feed through. After making manual changes via the Incomplete page, make sure you do not Reingest the respective sales files, as this would undo the manual changes.

Import Aliases

On the Incomplete page it is also possible to upload Aliases in bulk using the Import button at the top right of your screen. To do so, attach a completed version of the Alias Mapping template, select the type of catalogue you are looking to add aliases to (Release, Track or Work), & start importing. This will automatically populate your catalogue with the aliases in your template.