Sales – Uploading Apple Sales Files

Sales – Uploading Apple Sales Files

There are some nuances specific to how Apple report sales data. They provide four sales data files (Apple Music, iTunes, iTunes Match & iTunes Radio), each in multi-currency, with a further fifth file detailing the different exchanges used to convert local sales currency to that which they payout. So in order to ingest Apple sales data correctly, you need to apply the exchange rates to the sales files. With some excel skills, it is possible to do this manually, but Curve has designed a specific process to manage importing Apple sales files.


To get started, download these specific templates from the Template Library: iTunes, Apple Music, Beats & iTunes Match. Go to the Templates page, hit the +Create button & select “From Library“. Search for “Apple”. This will return the four relevant templates. Select & Create all four individually.

There are four fields in each template that require your attention. These are Channel, Configuration, Source & Sub Source. You can complete these via the Standard Fields, the Columns or even Calculations, depending on your specific requirements.


To upload your Apple Statement start a new Sales File setup & complete the Name, Invoice No & Target Period as you would any sales file. However, when you select one of the Apple templates, you’ll note there are two functions to upload a file instead of the usual one, plus a further Exchange Rates function:

File – Select the sales file as you would when using any other template. Make sure you upload the respective “All Territories (Single File)” statement ending on ZZ.

Financial File – Now upload the Financial Report available from your iTunes Connect portal. Curve will automatically apply all financial data in this report such as adjustments & exchange rates to the respective sales lines.

Exchange Rates – If you are paid by Apple in one single currency, leave this field blank & the Financial File will handle all calculations. However, if you are paid by Apple in different currencies you need to enter specific rates for each currency you receive, to convert to your base Curve currency. For example, if your base Curve currency is GBP & you are paid by Apple in USD, EUR & GBP you will need to specify the exchange rate from USD to GBP & from EUR to GBP.

Once the Setup is complete, hit Import to ingest the statement. Remember, there is no need to enter an exchange rate in the Set Fields as the exchange rates will be taken from the Financial Report. This process will need to be completed for each of the four Apple files (iTunes, Apple Music, Beats 1 & iTunes Match). Once all statements are uploaded, verify the total Net Amount on Curve matches the amount detailed in the Financial Report.